Decentralizing MFI and Financial Inclusion through DeFi

Decentralizing MFI and Financial Inclusion through DeFi

Blockloans is a scalable MicroFinance (MFI) Decentralized Finance (DeFi) App solution for developing markets that allows borrowers to obtain small, instant microloans using limited collateral at <10% APY.  Now, two billion people worldwide who cannot access financial services because their financial repayment history is not held on ‘traditional’ sources will have access to microloans without extortionate payday loan fees, interest rates or other fees.

A Borrower creates or uploads their Self-Soverign Identity (SSI) in the BlockLoans Wallet

A Borrower transfers 50% of their collateral (if a secured loan) from their Wallet to the DeFi Lender

A Borrower recruits 5 individuals into their Family Collateral Circle to transfer a combined 50% of their collateral (if a secured loan) to the DeFi Lender

The Borrower receives their microloan in minutes


Financial Inclusion for underbanked and unbanked individuals and SMEs decelerated significantly during COVID-19 lockdowns because


Providing scalable instantaneous access to MFI at the lowest possible APY is the answer by


Sadaf Siddiqui

Co-Founder, CTO Blockchain & MERN Development

A. Pierre Yurow

Co-Founder, CPO

Product leader and entrepreneur. Founded companies in Social Impact, Fintech Mobile, Blockchain & AI.

Honorary Advisor

Professor Mohammed Yunus

Nobel Peace Prize Winner – Founder, Grameen Bank, Grameenphone

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